Combustion Technologies offers a full line of filtration options for engine oils, hydraulic oils, diesel fuel as well as gasoline, E85 and Bio-Diesels.

Combust filtration solutions extend oil, hydraulic and other lubricant drain intervals up to 4 times.

This has been proven many times and is noted in our documentation and specifically in the Smithfield Foods report conducted between Jan 2004 and Dec 2009 or 6 years and the Extended Oil Drain Case Studies from BP and others. Conducting regular oil analysis confirms that the oil remains within the manufacturer’s specifications for this extended time period.

Remember: “The Oil Has No Agenda.”  When regular oil samples confirm the oil is still within specifications, changing the Combust, Filtakleen, Filmax or custom filter and topping off the oil is easily done at a nominal cost. 

Fleets such as Smithfield Foods report that have extended their oil change intervals up to 100,000 miles or equivalent hours in the heavy equipment space while their equipment runs “healthy” and longer.  The Smithfield Foods report also documents the fact that cleaner oil using the Filtakleen filter increased fuel mileage up to 3%. Filtration using the Filtakleen oil by-pass filter down to 2 microns means nominal contaminants and soot in the engine resulting in better performance and longer engine life.

Our filtration systems will clean turbine oil, hydraulic oil, engine oil and gear oil such that it exceeds the OEM requirements or specifications. Our filtration systems reduce the quantity of oil used each year.  The result: a positive cash flow environmental and sustainable solution to managing oil used and oil disposed. 

Our “Diesel Engine Filtration By-Pass System” provides 3 Micron filtration, 100% Water Removal, Soot Removal, Extended Engine Life, Pollution Prevention, Reduced Oil Consumption. By keeping the oil free of moisture contamination and particulates larger than 3 microns your engine oil will have reduced Oxidation, Nitration, maintain required oil viscosity and TBN ensuring proper lubrication.

Installation is very simple. Our “Diesel Engine Filtration By-Pass System” system is “Pressure In, Pressure Out” and only requires an oil pressure port from the engine and a return line port. Because the return line is pressurized it can be fitted to the oil pan (sump), oil fill tube, valve cover, or any other crankcase access point. One major benefit with our “Diesel Engine Filtration By-Pass System” units is that they can be mounted almost anywhere including the frame, firewall, inside the cab, back of cab, stand alone. Because the oil return line is pressurized, the unit can even be mounted below the return line port and run for extended lengths.

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