Dirty Gas

Clean Boost dramatically reduces carbon particulate emissions by facilitating a more complete burn of the available BTU in the fuel in the combustion chamber.  A more complete burn of the fuel using CleanBoost™ fuel pills increases the energy output of the fuel.

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Removes Deposits:
The components in Clean Boost causes deposit removal by interacting with the surface of the engine components where deposits are left behind. This process allows the release of carbon atoms in the form of CO2 that occur at the lower temperatures found at the deposit surface.

Decreases Fuel Consumption:
Fuel economy shows up as the carbon deposits are removed from the internal engine components.  This process is due to the more efficient conversion of the fuels CO2 and the fact that deposits that absorbs and protects the fuel from being completely burned in the combustion chamber.  

Reduces Emissions:
The primary source for harmful emissions is the carbon deposits themselves. With the deposits being reduced and or removed, there is a drastic reduction in the emissions of CO, NOx, SOx, HC and particulates which help the environment and the equipment

Extends Engine Oil Life:
Cleanboost treated fuels tend to produce smaller and less abrasive particles during the combustion process which in connection with the removal of carbon deposits results in cleaner, longer-lasting oil. These results lead to reduced engine wear and less maintenance time.

Extended Equipment Life:
Equipment life is increased due to lack of deposit buildup, cleaner oil and reduced friction. Injectors, valves, rings and other associated parts show little sign of wear even after extended use.

Octane-Requirement Decrease:
In gasoline applications a lower octane fuel can be used, due to carbon deposit removal, and still provide the same performance as with previous higher-octane fuels. Dyno testing shows an increase in horse-power and an increase in octane. 

Why Is CleanBoost Safe To Use?

  • CleanBoost® consists of a Non-Toxic Compound Dissolved in an Aromatic Solvent.  CleanBoost® elements are safe to use in all internal combustion engines and increase fuel lubricity.
  • CleanBoost® produces no harmful incremental emissions as a by-product, unlike many fuel additives.
  • The only by-products of CleanBoost® combustion are carbon dioxide, water and iron oxides.  Each of these are harmless to humans.
  • CleanBoost® should be handled using the normal precautions associated with any solvent or fuel.
  • What sets Combustion Technologies and CleanBoost apart? CleanBoost products are not “CHONS” based products. C= Carbon, H= Hydrogen, O= Oxygen, N= Nitrogen, S = Sulphur.

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