The following video demonstrates how CleanBoost Engine Metal Treatment smooths out the idle of an engine.  


MettlePlus is the name give the tri-moly compound that forms a covalent bond with the treated metal. This provides a film strength that reduces wear scar, friction and engine operating temperatures about 10 degrees.

This in turn extends the life of oils and fluids.

By definition this will reduce wear scar, friction, engine operating temperatures and emissions. CleanBoost Engine Metal Treatment (EMT) with MettlePlus™    

MettlePlus is the name of the compound in all our lubricants.
  • MettlePlus Gold Grease – MPGG
  • CleanBoost Engine Metal Treatment – CleanBoost EMT
  • CleanBoost Nano-Spray
  • CleanBoost Diesel Duty 15w40, w70 & 20w50 Racing Oil
  • The other CleanBoost lubricants.

MettlePlus - How it works

The oil acts like a delivery truck carrying the Mettle Plus to the asperities of the metals and forming a covalent, galvanic bond to the metal allowing a 5 to 8 micron penetration into the metal, creating a smooth less friction absorbing metal. 

Mettle Plus™ does not layer the metal or put a film over the top of the metal.  MettlePlus penetrates into the metal working with ferrous particulates within the oils environment, treating the metal, not the oil.

Mettle Plus™ has been ASTM tested and also independently tested to assure our product works. With over 20 ASTM and SAE tests being performed on MettlePlus™, end users in the Automotive, Trucking, Mining, Marine and Rail industry can rest assure that Mettle Plus™ is working hard to reduce down time maintenance. 

In today’s extreme work environment, Mettle Plus™ has been used in Diesel Engine applications, Gasoline Engine applications as well as gear box and manual transmissions. Reducing friction means reducing heat for more productive equipment with less chance for a mechanical failure.

Oil analysis has proven that adding Mettle Plus to your lubricants reduces oxidation, cylinder and bearing wear.  This typically extends engine and component life by 3 to 5 times. 

MettlePlus can be used in all engine and gear applications and is an excellent camshaft break-in lube to reduce heat so that the oil can maintain maximum protection, performance, and film strength.

CleanBoost EMT is also a great additive to use when breaking in a camshaft for those street car and race car applications. CleanBoost EMT is designed to protect your camshaft from failing in today's low Zinc oils. When ZDDP is not an option, CleanBoost EMT will work great for protecting your valve train. CleanBoost EMT is used by racers across the nation and has been proven for years to protect those high horse power engines.  CleanBoost EMT aka MettlePlus is compatible with most motor oils on the market. Mineral or Synthetic, it does not matter CleanBoost will work with your oil. Many companies are adding our CleanBoost EMT to their manual transmissions, differentials and other gear-boxes to reduce heat and extend component life. 

The first picture is a Failed Camshaft from lack of ZDDP, CleanBoost EMT could prevent this from happening.  The second picture presents CleanBoost EMT staying suspended in 15w40 oil.

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